Z-Flex specialize in the development and manufacture of nozzles. Many of our manufactured nozzles are used in body shop and paint shop applications in motor manufacturing plants across the world. Each individual nozzle is designed specifically for each individual application.

Variable Nozzles:

This single nozzle is designed to work on both the right and left hand side of the assembly line as one can rotate the nozzle 180 degrees to operate on the opposite side of the application. This helps stabilize inventory control and improve sealer line productivity. 

Universal Adaptors:

These highly durable stainless steel universal adaptors can be fitted to most sealer guns. These universal adaptors are considered as a cost saver as the overall cost of nozzle purchases is reduced as only the nozzle end needs replacing when a new application is needed. We work closely with customers to ensure that each nozzle that we design and manufacture, meets our customer’s objective in the most effective and efficient manner. 

We also design various customized nozzles for automotive:

  • Hoods, front and back.
  • Doors
  • Load Boxes. 

These nozzles all allow a controlled flow of application to a certain area in a specific way. Waste becomes minimized and productivity increases.