Kick and Kickless Cables 


The kickless cable is a world leader in the welding industry as it is unique in design and manufactured under strictly controlled processes. The product is able to last longer and withstand more wear and tear than other competitive products in the industry. Our cables are uniquely designed with a double clamping system to give the least possible impedance and greatest flexibility, which enhances operator productivity and cable life. 

The product is used extensively in manufacturing plants around the world and the product can be customised to fit each individual customer’s specifications ranging from 257 M.C.M – 1200 M.C.M (128.5mm - 600mm), to meet your exact specification. The cable offers unique features, which have been extensively developed by the testing of cables in our specially developed in-house test facility. These features include, redesigned head assembly, enclosed separators, improved water flow, a smaller cable diameter, new cable configuration, and a new construction hose. This in return has allowed us to achieve more cable flexibility and higher durability and thus, offer increased productivity, lower downtime and cost savings.



Before the cable is supplied to the customer, each individual cable undergoes vigorous quality checks and inspections to ensure that the product meets the highest possible standards. 


Testing includes: -

insulation testing,

high pressure testing (10 bar water pressure for 3 minutes) and 

durability testing ( 40C @ 8500 amps).


Our experience in this industry also has shown that knowing each cable’s water flow rate is the single most important factor for establishing premature cable failure and we have adapted our product and its process to accommodate this. 


Purchasing guidelines

Please give us the following information:.


  • Conductor rating (MCM)
  • Length between holes
  • Terminal orientation style