Z-Flex copper strands can be manufactured and supplied to carry up to 2000 amps with wire sizes ranging up to 1100mm. This type of strand is used extensively for large motor windings, transformer connectors, heavy current shunts or furnace droppers. Various types are offered depending on the environment conditions and our sales team can help recommend the optimal coverings depending on temperature, gas fumes, location etc.

A Z-Flex circular strand is designed using a unique rope type construction that prevents the copper strands from being in contact with the inner rubber tube of a kickless cable. Our experience has shown that a small bend in a normal cable tends to braise through the rubber with continual usage. However, the unique Z-Flex strand design allows the customer greater flexibility with less abrasion and, thus, a longer product lifespan. 

Z-Flex Flat Braids and Connectors 

These highly robust and flexible straps are designed using tin plated or copper tube terminals which are formed and pressed in a unique way to allow maximum conductivity at the current transfer area; with a minimum voltage drop and no loss of flexibility in the connector. 

A Z-Flex flexible braid has the option of having a crimped ferrule end to allow a high voltage/high current carrying capacity and can be manufactured and supplied to each customer’s particular requirements. 

Purchasing guidelines

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Type
  • Outside length 
  • Width 
  • Thickness (less clip)
  • Hole pattern 
  • Hole location
  • Hole diameter